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Treatment Using Stem Cell Therapy

The knees and hips are some of the most affected parts of the lower part of the body with many patients seeking joint replacements. Stem cell therapy and regenerative medicine have been used to treat various musculoskeletal conditions such as knee joint pains and problems. Extensive studies and research are being done due to showing possibility of relieving pain to patients having knee pains joint problems. Knee problems have proven to be stubborn to treat and surgery has been the main way of treating these problems until stem cells were introduced as alternatives. Although surgery can be effective, it involves a number of risks and there is no guarantee that the problems will be solved completely.

When stem cells are used it is possible to avoid surgery when they appear to be improving and of not surgery can then be undertaken. The effectiveness of stem cells varies for different people and as such requires specialized or personalized treatment for each patient. The body is strengthened and boosted to make it possible to create new tissues to repair worn out tissues through platelets and growth factors found in stem cells. Stem cells also make the body generate cell signals to counter injuries by regenerating new tissues and cells. Stem cells can be modified and used to treat various problems such as degenerative arthritis that causes pain.

Some of the causes of degenerative arthritis include genetic factors and side effects of surgeries among other factors. Avascular necrosis is another condition that is possible to treat through stem cell therapy for pain relief in the knees. It is difficult to know what will happen to patients having avascular necrosis since it leads to the death of cells and the bone. The stem cells also show signs of treating meniscal pains which is usually treated using surgery. Stem cells and regenerative medicine possess properties to help the body perform self repair mechanisms for damaged tissues.

Some body parts and tissues such as the embryonic tissues, bone marrow and other parts are the sources of stem stems. There are certain clinics which extract the stem cells from the patients rather than from other donors. Mesenchymal stem cells are usually extracted from the bone marrow or the fat tissue of the patient. The doctors extract and prepare the stem cells the very same day and then inject them into the specific part with problems. The doctors ensure to analyze each patient and find the most suitable stem cell therapy to use for that specific patient. The clinic has powerful tools to guide doctors during treatment.
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